Stoooopid Driver Videos

Oh look its a solid object, lets hit it!

*Snicker* oh *sigh* i smile!

I think the title of this video says it all. Black Ice + Corner = CRASH!!!

Black Ice = crash… i mean i know its not like you can avoid it but really…

Everyone else claps while that one guy runs over like an idiot and says “the door won’t open” Sheesh!

this video may be a commercial about smoking but we put it up to show how dumb this Ferrari driver is. WE DO NOT ENDORSE SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!

This my friends is one of the many reasons for the invention of suspended licenses

The law is there for a reason children… not for you to try and go around… idiots.

all you idiots DON’T BUY FAST CARS.

Some people say that this is a woman driver. When it comes to gender, idiocy doesn’t discriminate.

Well either this guy has a grudge or he is blind!

Well thats what you get when you leave your glasses at home. Idiot Drivers!