Have you ever been cutoff? Been in an accident because the other driver was out of their minds? Ever done something really stupid while driving and care to share? We’ve all been there so let it loose.
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Idiot-Drivers.com (Idiot Drivers) was founded in April 2010 as a dedicated site for those drivers who have had enough of the idiots out there causing mayhem and creating outrageous insurance rates that we all suffer from.

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Idiot Pedestrians?

walking pedestrian
Idiot drivers and idiot pedestrians… I think we’ve all seen some pretty daring or just plain stupid pedestrians. You are welcome to post about those too. Share your outrage or humor. We’d love to hear it all!

Distracted Driving


I’ve seen women applying mascara while driving; peeps talking on their cell phones; reading a newspaper while the car is moving, and of course, texting while driving. I have been guilty of talking and texting while driving. It’s a compulsion. As soon as the phone buzzes I HAVE to see if it is a call, email or text. Who or what is so important that I need to take a call while driving?

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Driver lacked razor-sharp focus

As authorities nationwide warn motorists of the dangers of driving while texting, Florida Keys law enforcement officers add a new caution: Don’t try to shave your privates, either.